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Mayla Suncatcher

Mayla Suncatcher

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Clear Quartz, the stone of Clarity and Purpose, is believed promote clarity of thought.

It's connection to the Crown Chakra is believed to help connect you with your higher self, helping with goal-setting, manifestation and fostering spiritual growth.


Amethyst, the stone of Relaxation, is believed to promote calmness, balance and positive energy.

It helps you to reach the root of problems, and find positivity during in negative times.


Rose Quartz is the stone of Unconditional Love. It's strong link to the heart chakra seeks to improve your relationship with others, but also with yourself.

It is believed to help you embrace your imperfections, and express the little things which make you unique, fully and unapologetically.


Citrine, the stone of Prosperity, motivates you towards achieved your goals by realigning you with your divine purpose.

It's association with the Sacral Chakra helps you better reconnect with your gut feeling, perfect for those looking to attract prosperity and abundance. Use this stone to better enhance your manifestation and journaling practises.


Aventurine, the stone of Mindfulness, is believed to clear your mind of negativity and distractions.

Its deep roots to the Heart Chakra promotes inner peace and compassion, enhancing your meditation and breathwork practices. Use this stone to be more present and enjoy the moment.

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Enchant your Space

Sunrise to Sunset. Watch your Suncatcher illuminate your room with a captivating display of natural light.

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Each suncatcher at SUNSARA hangs from a 30cm chain with a split ring that can be hung from any overhanging windowsill.


Each order at SUNSARA is shipped within 3 business days, at which point you will be emailed tracking information.

Please email if you have any issues with your order.

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Each stone at SUNSARA is ethically and authentically mined.

See our About the Stones page to see their origin and perceived benefits.

Money Back

SUNSARA offers a full money back guarantee on all orders.

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